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Cycas Hospitality

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Cycas Hospitality

The brief

Cycas Hospitality is a hotel operating company specialising in the extended stay market. They had been represented by a logo created in-house from the inception of the company and their growth had been such that it was time to not only have a new logo but also to have a truly branded look and feel for all communications. They commissioned us to bring their brand and their unique approach to hotel management alive.

What we did

We quickly identified that Cycas had a very distinctive service based culture and their major point of difference was the people they recruited to work in their hotels. We carried out a series of workshops in all their properties with staff at all levels and from their feedback built a positioning that we used to develop brand values, their vision, mission and a brand promise that underpinned all the creative work.

The brand promise – our job isn’t over until we get a smile was represented by a stylised smile that was built into the new logo. A new colour palette was developed with emphasis on green which had always been a significant feature of their look and feel and the whole visual refresh was underpinned by a new tone of voice which brought to life the unique personality. The new look and feel was brought to life in a new web site www.cycashospitality.com


Cycas now has a bright, fresh new look that has resonance both externally with investors and financial partners and internally is a powerful foundation for staff communications.